Suspension of Magu long overdue – Ukweni

The Head of Chamber, Mba Ukweni and Associates, Barrister Mba Ekpezu Ukweni SAN, has said that the suspension of Ibrahim Magu, as Acting Chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), was long overdue.

Speaking with Ireportnews on Tuesday night, Ukweni said nobody is above the law, adding that anybody saddled with major responsibilities of investigating and trying people suspected to be associated with financial crimes, a major craft agency in the Country, EFCC, such a person is expected to live above board

“He is expected to live beyond suspicion, so, for him to be fingered in a situation like this is a very serious issue, he shouldn’t have waited to be suspended, he should have resigned right away.

“If Attorney General of a country could come out with a position that they have found certain things incriminating against a public officer, it is a very serious thing. The government needed to look into it immediately, they don’t need to wait at all,” the SAN stated.

According to Ukweni, the All Progressive Congress (APC) lead government is more corrupt than the people they say they are fighting.

“He remained in acting capacity and the president left him there, all the allegations that were raised by the senate against him and why he was not confirmed were swept under the carpet, the senate has now been vindicated

“With the Attorney General himself coming out now to say this is the person, it a very big question mark on the government and the government needs to do a rethink, very quickly too about its position on anti corruption.

“If the government has to fight corruption, it has to bring in people who are not corrupt, you cannot bring a thief to investigate a thief, there are these allegations that money was being recovered from thieves and handed over to another thief, if the government knows that is not correct it should vindicate itself,” Ukweni pointed out.


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