Orji Kalu has been named as a possible successor to President Buhari in 2023 by Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida.

This was stated by the former military president in a documentary that aired on AIT on Sunday.
This comes after Babangida spoke about the kind of character a politician should have if he wants to be president in 2023.

During the interview, Babangida was asked how he plans to address the country’s leadership crisis, and he stated, “We are running and will be running democracy, but we haven’t reached the level.” 
Orji Kalu Named As Buhari Successor
We did not have well-functioning democratic institutions; our institutions must be above parties, politics, and so on.”
“You have to have lot of knowledge, whether it’s business, academics, or whatever, and believe that everyone, every politician at certain age should aspire to that. 
Obama is only sixty years old, and he has served twice in the United States, as has Clinton, and so on and so forth.”
“So we can have people like Orji Kalu who want to run the country, and why not?”


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