Bishop Oyedepo has stated that he is a member of a higher secret cult.

The well-known cleric made the confession recently at a mega conference held at the Church of God Mission International (CGMI) in Edo State.

Speaking on the topic of “Focusing on Christ to Discover and Fulfill a Purpose,” Bishop Oyedepo also shared how, as a young born-again Christian, he received the call of God in 1976, at the age of 21.
I Belong To A Higher Secret Cult - Bishop Oyedepo Confesses
Throughout his message, Bishop Oyedepo explained that God is always aware of every step he takes and that he does not do what God does not command.
According to Oyedepo, his devotion to God and his word is what has gotten him everything he has now. His words: “Many people think I belong to a cult, which is why I always wear a white suit, not realizing I wear white because white suits are the cheapest to get.”
don’t need any other power because am member of higher cult.” 
The man of God, known for commanding kingdom prosperity through faith, told conference attendees that the only thing required to unlock kingdom prosperity is to first seek the kingdom of God.”


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