Femi Falana took to the streets on Monday to protest against insecurity and poverty in Nigeria. His son, Folarin aka Falz and other Lagosians also joined the demonstration.

The protesters marched from Ikeja to the Governor’s Office through the Secretariat to the Lagos State House of Assembly chanting protest songs, under the aegis of the Peoples Alternative Political Movement, Punch reported.

The political movement which was formed in April, is a coalition of hundreds of groups including the Nigeria Labour Congress and its affiliates, the Alliance On Surviving COVID-19 And Beyond; Joint Action Front; Coalition Of Northern Groups; Green Alliance Nigeria; CONGOS – Edo; North East Development Association and their respective affiliates.

The protesters were seen carrying placards, which read ‘No to Exploitation and Multiple Taxation’, ‘Provide Jobs or Unemployment Benefits for Youths’, ‘Provide Security in Schools’, ‘End Kidnapping and Banditry’ ‘Stop Killings, Secure Nigeria’, and ‘Full Implementation of New Minimum Wage Now’.

Femi Falana, Falz, Protest In Lagos

The protesters, which included trade unions, civil society, students, farmers and peasants, were reportedly led by Jaye Gaskiya, a foremost activist.

According to Mr Gaskiya, the protest was organised to express displeasure over how badly the country had degenerated.

He expressed worry that Nigeria, characterised by extreme poverty, arms proliferation, religious intolerance, the rise of hate and ethnic nationalism is moving towards social upheavals due to exploitation of the people, greed and avarice of a spineless political class that has reached its wits end.

Femi Falana, Falz, Protest In Lagos

Citing the section 143 of the constitution which provides that “The President or Vice-President may be removed from office in accordance with the provisions of this section,” Mr Falana berated the current administration saying that “a regime that has outlived its usefulness boasts that no one can suggest that the president should resign.”

According to Femi Falana, Nigeria has attained that stage because the government has failed in its primary duties.

“I think Nigeria has gotten to that stage because section 14 (2) (3) provides that the primary purpose of the government in Nigeria shall be the security and welfare of the people, so if the government can neither guarantee your security nor your welfare, what is left for that government to be sacked,” said Femi Falana.


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