During their time in the executive lounge, Maria, Nini, and Peace made some disparaging remarks about their co-housemate, Angel.

On Friday, August 27, the girls had access to the lounge and spent the majority of their time gossiping about other housemates, but their main focus was Angel.

During the conversation, Peace expressed her displeasure with her treatment of her former love interest, Sammie. Angel, she claims, forces Sammie to spend all of his “Abeg Naira” on her.

What she’s doing to Sammie is really f***ed up,” Peace said. I swear to God, it’s f***ed.

Angel V*gina Is Dirty And Nasty – Maria, Nini And Peace

Maria also discussed her flirting with the male housemates, including her former bestie, Jackie’s “man,” Michael. She also claimed that Michael despises Angel because he sees her as a prostitute.

In her own words,

“Jackie told me how she felt about Angel being so close to Michael.” It’s strange that you’ll get close to your friend’s man even though she told you she likes him.

“She’s making enemies for herself in the house, and Michael doesn’t even like her that way. He regards her as a prostitute.

“Any guy with sense in the house would avoid her because of her game.” During one of my diary sessions, I mentioned her attitude to Biggie, and he shot me down.”

They went on to discuss Angel’s private parts, claiming that she has nasty honeypot that she is unaware of.

“She has the worst, dirtiest, nastiest honeypot,” one of the ladies, presumed to be Nini, could be heard saying.



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